Large-scale Solutions

Enabling mass-adoption of offgrid power & storage

Microgreen's Power Pak + Energy Pak kits greatly simplify the installation of off-grid systems. This solution brings entire housing complexes off-grid in underserved regions, in a cost-effective and timely manner. The ease of installation enables a quick recovery of infrastructure from disasters, such as restoring power to regions disabled by tropical storms.

Microgreen provides intelligent EV charging solutions to extend vehicle battery life, and makes charging possible in remote regions.

EV charging with battery diagnostics

Intelligent charging to improve battery life

EV charging station

Proactive maintenance of vehicle batteries

Microgreen's charging solution measures the battery state of health (SOH). This enables proactive maintenance of EV batteries, which results in greatly improved operating life of electric vehicles.

Avoid costly grid upgrades

Microgreen energy storage system solves the problem of costly grid upgrades for the mass deployment of charging stations.
The containerized energy storage system can interface directly to high-output charging stations. It can be powered by the standard grid or by solar power.

Reliable & safe

The energy storage system has been designed for reliability and safety to endure harsh environments and rugged deployments.

Turnkey off-grid solutions for communities

Enabling mass-adoption of off-grid power

Power Pak complete off-grid solar system in a box
Energy Pak lithium batteries

Scale up off-grid solution to service communities

Microgreen's POWER PAK and ENERGY PAK are key components of a standardized, easy-to-install off-grid kit.

Microgreen's patented design simplifies the installation process. Requires minimal connections and components. Requires minimal approval time, UL/CSL approved.

A true turnkey solution that can be deployed in a scalable way to outfit multiple dwellings. It takes entire communities and building complexes off-grid.

Applicable to the building of modular homes. Powers the finishing of the construction effort, providing additional savings.