EV charging solutions
Why is EV charging better with Microgreen?

Make EV fleets possible by lowering the costs

The need for EVs has never been more urgent, but there have been barriers preventing their mass adoption, especially for fleet owners and operators. There is the cost of the vehicles, the intial purchase plus maintaining their batteries. Then there is the need for a complete network of EV charging stations whose deployment is an added cost and strain on the grid, or sometimes not even possible due to the specialized connections and power requirements.

Microgreen's EV charging solution takes a unique approach that lowers both the cost of EV ownership, and the cost of connecting charging stations to the grid.

With an approach that focuses on costs, Microgreen EV charging solutions provide both a good return on EV investments and environmental benefits.

Intelligent EV charging

Smart EV Charging Station with 250KW solar system and 500KWH storage battery

Extend vehicle battery life with a Proactive Energy Management System

The cost of the battery is a major concern for prospective EV owners, especially if it needs to be continually replaced. Microgreen specializes in smart management systems which extend the battery's life by the way that it is monitored and charged.

While an EV is charging, the Energy Management System controls the energy flow to prolong battery life. In addition, it identifies the vehicle it is connected to, and collects data on the charging profile - how much voltage and current is delivered to the vehicle over time. This data creates a diagnostic of the vehicle’s state-of-health (SOH) which is stored with each charge to provide a history for each vehicle in the fleet.

The SOH is a measure of how well a battery performs compared to how well it should perform, and it can only be captured by the charging system. A low SOH indicates a battery needs maintenance or is nearing the end of its useful life.

The SOH measurements thus provide a useful tool for operators and fleet managers to plan battery maintenance and replacement and maximize battery longevity.

Minimize grid impacts using "solar + energy storage" systems

The existing electrical grid was not designed with EV charging in mind, and many charger installations require costly grid upgrades to provide enough power at the correct voltage. This is especially true for fast-chargers and sites with many chargers. The inability to connect to the existing grid has been a major hurdle to the deployment of charging stations.

Microgreen solves this problem in two ways:

Microgreen can provide an energy storage system that creates a buffer between the power drawn from the existing grid and the power that an EV charger demands. It uses low power to constantly charge from the grid, and outputs high power when an EV is charging, eliminating the need for the grid to be upgraded to high power.

The energy storage system can also use solar power to supplement or replace the grid power. This is useful in remote locations with no grid access, or if users are looking to maximize environmental benefits by using a cleaner power source.

Customize systems for each installation

Microgreen specializes in customizing systems to fit your charging infrastructure requirements, from the design of the system, to the layout and packaging of the equipment.

Our design team works with world leaders like ABB, Canadian Solar, and CATL to optimize the charging system, energy storage system and renewable power system in order to maximize returns for owners and operators.

Customizable solar+storage solutions for EV charging stations

Examples of storage and chargers of different capacities that are available

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Microgreen's intelligent EV charging solution

Microgreen Intelligent EV charging solution
Solar + battery energy storage system

Benefits & features of our solution

For EV owners:

  • Proactive maintenance: Real-time monitoring of SOH & battery longevity to maximize EV battery lifespan and reduce unplanned battery failures
  • O&M reporting for operators & fleet managers
  • Cloud-based platform to allow users to access data from anywhere
  • Optimized end-to-end lifetime cost of EV operations & economic viability of service fleets, thus increasing ROI
  • Diagnostics provide added value to customers at public charging stations

For the grid:

  • Energy storage to enable installation anywhere, without costly upgrades to the electrical grid
  • Renewable power to further reduce grid impacts and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Secondary use for grid management: arbitrage, peak shaving and frequency regulation