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Microgreen 5B Mobile Power

  • Handheld Portable
  • High-Security
  • System Control: Automatic turn off when fully charging
  • Strong energy storage ability, 1.5 times of other lithium batteries
  • High energy density li-ion battery, safer than normal li-on battery
  • 400Wh Li-ion Battery, 300W AC Output, 220W DC Output
  • 3 way output, 3 way input

  • 3 ways to charge this portable battery:
    • Charge by Adaptor from Home Outlet
    • Charge by Car on the road
    • Charge by Solar when outdoor
Microgreen 5B Portable Power

What Can Be Powered by this PPS-DC?

  • Power car refrigerator and other car devices (1x12V10A)
  • Power laptops, LED bulb, etc (2x12V3A)
  • Charge phones, tablets, MP3s & MP4s, Pads, digital cameras, bluetooth devices, etc (4xUSB)
  • Power various standard AC devices below 300W together (2xAC Outlets)
  • Pure sine wave output, same as utility power, protects electrical appliances
  • Capable of jump-starting a car - 400A peak starting current at 12V to save you from unexpected car emergency

Product Specifications

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